Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Something from CHA

I was in California in January for CHA.  It was my first time there and I had so much fun!  The classes were amazing.  And then there was the show floor.....indescribable.  There is so much to look at.  So much information to soak into the brain.  It was a good thing that we had several days to keep going back to the show.  It took that long for my little brain to wrap itself around the goodness of what I was seeing.  And I still didn't see everything I wanted to!!!

I want to share one of the projects I made in a CHA class.  It was a mixed media class and focused on some new paints that are out by Luminarte.  I am in love with them!

The covers to this cute mini album are wooden door hangars.  So cute.  I love how you can see into the mini through the hole in the front.  (We covered the hole in the back one with papers). The wood was already primed for us so when we added the paints there was a slight "crackle" appearance.  The photos really don't do this one justice.  The paints have a shimmer to them and blend so nicely.  We even added pigment powder to the covers (a dry powder that is concentrated color).  Love how the instructor allowed us to add to the inside by writing with a paintflow pen around the cut out.  A bit extra....the tiny branches tied with twine added to the outside for the bird to sit on, the painted flowers, and the cut outs of the paper line just made this album for me.  The center page is a canvas pocket that was painted with the paints and watered down to create a wash effect.  Every person in the class (of say 60) had a different interpretation of the colors.....reds, yellow, greens, blues, turquoise, browns.  I could have stayed and played all day!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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