Friday, January 27, 2012

A Goal!

This may be a bit off the paper chase, but......I have 3 teenagers that all play soccer for their high school.  Each on a different team.  Makes for some epic soccer nights let me tell you!  There are always some games I will do anything I can to make, including driving an hour for.  Well, last night was one of those nights.  We play an international school team in our district and they are tough.  Really rough players.  I think because so many of them are from South America where soccer is king they just have a different spirit of play.

I have 2 boys and a daughter that play.  Last night the youngest son had to play across town at the same time as my daughter!  Bad planning on the district's part.  However, I made it for the daughter and older son's game.  I was not disappointed either.  They were amazing games.  The level of play is so dramatically different between the girls and boys.  Boys are by far more physical and much faster paced.  I was elated that my kids came out with only minor bumps and bruises. (and yes, I think soccer is way more physical than football could ever be).

But the play of the whole night came from my oldest son.  His team is currently tied with the team they played for 1st in district.  We were down 1 to 0 with 9 minutes remaining.  And there is my wonderful little boy.  There in the perfect spot.  At the perfect moment.  With the perfect pass.  SCORE!  It was beautiful.  For those of you with children you might be able to understand that moment.  It is the moment he will remember forever!  It was truly the best game I have ever watched him play (and I have watched him play a bunch!).  My moment to be proud.  I am still hoarse from cheering.

Unfortunately, in the shoot-out, they lost by 1!  One.  Really?  I mean, our boys are so much more handsome than the others (that's truly a mom talking).  Doesn't that count?  I guess not.  :)

It was a wonderful, epic soccer night.  Now on to district, regional, and then state.  Should mention that my daughter's team is 3rd and the younger son's team is 2nd.  Amazing, just amazing.

One the paper side.........As you have read, we moved!  My craft area is almost set but it is totally workable now.  Yeah!  I just love it.  So, time permitting, I will post some pics of it.

Also, mark your calendar's for the blog hop.  You will start the hop on the Scrapp n' Savvy blog on Feb. 4.  It will run all weekend and there will be Prizes!

Let's get back to paper fun......check back soon for pics

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Living in a cardboard museum

We are in!  Finally.  Completely.  Nothing left at the rent house.  Now we are living in a cardboard museum!  Boxes.  Every size, every shape, and especially every weight!   I really don't remember packing all these.  And, seriously, what could possibly be in them?

I am making headway though.  Today, I found and unpacked all the china and crystal while I patiently waited 4 hours for a workman to arrive.  The workman did not arrive.  Bummer, but I got all that put away!  Traded boxes full of china/crystal for a stack of empty boxes and a huge stack of bubble and packing material.

I am just dying to get my craft spot set up.  I meticulously moved all my craft stuff by myself.  I know where everything is; what box it is in.  However, my desk is still in storage.  I really don't want to set up all my stuff only to have to re-do it all in 2 weeks when we retrieve the desk from storage.  So, my wonderful hubby is going to help me get it this weekend.   Oooohhhh......I know I will totally stay up and get it fixed that night!  I have several projects to get done.

Next week is my first class at Scrapp n' Savvy.  Really looking forward to it.  The class is for the Blissfully Organized that I pictured here earlier.  Other projects include some home decor things for the house, Valentine's party favors, my man's bday (cards and such), and a special project for A BLOG HOP!  Yep, you read it right.  A blog hop.  Scrapp n' Savvy is going to have a blog hop The first weekend in February.  It should be a ton of fun.  Check back for more details.

Well, the timer has dinged and the next set of cupcakes is ready.  I am making 60 cupcakes as a surprise for hubby.  It's scout night and what a better place to hear happy birthday sung?  So, 60 cupcakes it is!

Happy crafting.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

So close

I cannot believe I am still awake!  We have been moving since Thursday.  Well, really Friday.  We closed on our new house on Thursday and made a beeline home to grab everyone's beds and clothes for the next day.  Easy peasy, right?  Not so with 5 kids.....that's a bunch of stuff!  But we did it and spent our first night in our new house.  Yay!  :)

I decided that I want everything out of the rental house this weekend.  We, as usual, have crazy schedules.  I don't think everyone has been helping at any one single moment.  It has truly been a tag team event.  There really is not much left at the rent house.  I can get it all myself if need be.  Tomorrow is Sunday and I will still have everyone home to help.  Oh right, there is that little thing known as FOOTBALL!  So much for my help!  I don't mind football but I am really just to ADD to sit and watch it.  I would scrap while I watch but that is the last thing at the rent house.  So, I guess I will move all my scrap stuff tomorrow.

Now what to do with all these boxes full of stuff...........

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romantic love notes

As some of you know, I have a problem.  It could be potentially serious, but I think I manage it quite well.  My problem is one that affects lots of people.  And I mean lots.  I personally know some of them.  My problem is, well, paper hoarding.  There, I've said it.  Aaagh!  Now that it's out in the open let me tell you a bit about it.  There are so many amazing papers out there.  There are some that are just a yummy color, or others that have that perfect print.  Some combine them and are the perfect color AND perfect print.  And then there are those that depict exactly what you want.  I could go on and on.  Like a chef I suppose talking about the perfect meal.  Well, anyway, you get my point.

I have been hoarding the Prima Romantique collection for a while.  I think I purchased it back in the summer.  Had many plans for it.  Then it arrived in the mail and I simply could not bring myself to cut it.  It ended up where many of my pretty papers it's very own sleeve protector with all its components neatly with it.  There it has been ever since.  Now, don't get me wrong, I visit these beautiful souls from time to time.  Sometimes I even take them out and pretend that I am going to do a project with them. Ha.  Ha Ha Ha.  It usually ends with me carefully putting them back in their sleeve for another day.

This brings me to the Prima stack mentioned above.  It is so dreamy and vintage.  The roses look like they are real.  So, I finally cut them.  I actually cut them!  And boy was it good.  Take a look:

I used some of the papers, the paper roses , and the mirror stickers from the collection.  I added my  touch to it as well.  There are vintage lace doilies, pearls, lots of ribbons and lace, and other vintage touches.  This is my February project .  The box holds 8 different cards/tags, some with envelopes, all sitting on those scrumptious Tim Holtz metal feet.  It is so pretty in person.  The pictures really don't give it all the justice it deserves.

I survived cutting the beautiful papers.  Glad I did it actually.  Now I have paper scraps to make Valentine cards with.....oooohhh, the possibilities!  I am in my personal paper assylum!  For those of you locally, please sign up at Scrapp n' Savvy for my class on this.  You will not be disappointed.

Romantic love notes.  Are you ready for Valentines Day?

Oh Happy Day page payout

This is the first page layout for Scrapp n' Savvy.  Let me know what you think....

Monday, January 9, 2012

The final countdown

Oh my!  It is finally coming to an end!  We will be moving into our new house this weekend and I can hardly wait!  It seems like years since we started this process when in reality it has only been a few months.  We were promised to have the house for Christmas but obviously it didn't happen.  Some of us went by the new house yesterday to take measurements for furniture and such.  I thought there would be no possible way they could have everything done for this weeks closing.  Well, overnight they pulled off a few miracles.  When we got there today it was amazing!  So much had been completed.  There are a few bruises and bumps that they will repair before the end of the week.  Now the fun begins.  We have packing to do along with school, games, and work.

For those of you who missed it, I have changed where I am working.  I am now teaching at Scrapp n' Savvy in Spring.  This past weekend was their January Sampler.  It is a chance for people to get to know the teachers and their style, complete a project, and load up on supplies.  Personally, I had a blast.  It was 2 long days but very fun.  I feel fortunate to be a part of such a talented group of ladies.  There love for what they do shows in their projects.  I am really looking forward to teaching there.  For those of you who don't live here, you can see what's going on in the shop and shop online.  The website is   Come check it out.

All right, off to make sure munchkins have done homework....

I will post some pics tomorrow of a new project.  Check back ......