Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lots of things

Wow.  There are so many things I want to put here tonight.  I guess I should have blogged yesterday too!  Oh well.  First, my oldest son received his college acceptance letter today.  Can you say excited?  He is still floating high.  I am one very proud mom!  I love him dearly and wish him all the best!

Secondly,  my show this weekend went pretty well.  I met the goal I had set for myself and made some friends to boot!  I definitely would sign up for this show again.  At times it was so boring but the other vendors really made that time fly by.  I am excited to say that all my advent calendars were sold first thing Friday morning.  I think I could have sold many more.  They are time intensive but really cute.  Check in here later in the week for a shout out to a new friend and some pics! is finally cold here!  Yeah!!  I brought out all my sweaters, my coat, my scarves (including some new ones!), and my gloves.  I am going to make the most of the 10 days of cold we get!  I am seriously trying to figure out how to store some of the cold in me for those hot days ahead.  I spent 4 1/2 hours outside last night at soccer games.  By the time I got home I was a frosty popsicle and wet!  Because it rained too.  Not enough to call the games, but enough to make us wet!  Houston weather....that's how it is.  If you don't like it then wait 10 minutes and it will change.

I have a new addiction I thought I would pass on.  Pinterest.  It is a website that culls information from the internet via its members posts.  You can browse by subject and "pin" interesting things to your board.  Your boards are shared with others and the info is astounding.  I am warning you, this is addictive.  My niece told me about it and warned me.  I didn't listen.  Now I have to limit myself to a time frame each day that I can surf pinterest!  But seriously, I love it!

I am hoping that tomorrow I can set up my Etsy store.  I plan to spend the entire cold, gray day in my jammies figuring it all out.  So, with some luck I will announce the opening of my Etsy store here tomorrow!

Prayers to all.  I am headed to my desk.  I have a paper idea stuck in my head and I have to figure it out!

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