Thursday, December 8, 2011

A little change of plans!

So, as I clearly stated in my last post, my day yesterday was to be spent organizing everything and putting together my etsy store (photos and such).  However, as life goes, my plans were changed rather abruptly!  I have 5 children whom I absolutely adore.  Usually when my schedule de-rails it is due to a child and a need that he/she has (and mom must respond!).  But yesterday morning I left to run 2 errands.  Only 2.  Gone an hour.  Now, what I haven't said is that I also have 3 cats and a dog.  The dog has an amazing love with the trash and usually that is the mess I come home to.  But no.  My wonderful, fluffy furballs created this change of plans.

You see, when I came in I knew something was wrong.  None of the cats came to the door to greet me as usual.  So curiously I called for them and went looking for them.  Found them......curled up in the middle of what was once my craft space.  I say once because they had done a little altering of that space.  I think they were actually after ribbon to play with.  I have 2 aprons that I usually wear and I think they accidentally knocked one off the desk and the ties took everything else with it.  There was this massive pile of ribbon, aprons, paper, all my scisssors, markers, paintbrushes (a few with some chew marks now on them), more paper, envelopes, more paper......well, you get the idea.  And there, in the middle, were 2 of the prettiest kitties ever.  Curled up sleeping on top of it all.  Number 3 was on my chair keeping watch as if to say "They did it mom.  Really.  I just saw it happen!"

So, I picked everything up, kinda straightened it, and did what any right minded lady would do.....went shopping!  I actually just went to a couple of antique stores but found some amazing things.  Inspiration city!

Here are the causes of my latest purchases:
 This is Annabelle, my son's precious one.  She is the oldest and takes that role seriously.
 Edmund, my daughter's lifeline.  He is the baby, very social, and very mischievious.
And this is my darling, Dopey.  He is a huge mainecoon and I love him dearly.  He is pretty much a major wimp (scared of everything) but has a great purr.

So, now that my desk is put back (with a few new additions  :) ) I will tackle the list today.  

Everyone have a great day.  Create something, even if it is just a smile for everyone to see!  Check back tomorrow for updates on the store.

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