Saturday, March 3, 2012

Feels like spring, well, maybe

It sure feels like Spring here.  Warm, not too warm though.  Humid, sometimes a bit too humid.  Partly cloudy skies.  Light wind.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love that I can be outside without melting due to heat and humidity.  I love driving and seeing all the ranches with big open fields that are turning beautiful shades of green and they are beginning to fill with beautiful wildflowers almost yelling "I am here!".  There is something magical to me to see a stand of trees that are "winter dead" and in the middle is a redbud tree blooming or a lipstick vine climbing and blooming.  The burst of color against a bleak background makes you take notice.  I was driving to a friend's house yesterday and was stopped at a light.  I happened to look out my window and was awarded a wonderful display of lovely wildflowers.  As I was admiring them something moved within the deep green.....a baby bunny!  Well, I don't know if it was a baby but it sure was small!  And precious!  It was perfectly hidden in all the greenery and flowers.  What a perfect picture of springtime.

I titled this post "feels like spring, well, maybe" because when I went out this morning it is cold again!  Not freezing, but cold.  Certainly not spring-like.  Oh, well.  My little guy and I are still going to plant the garden today.  We have been seeding 8 different veggies in peat pots in the kitchen for the last couple of weeks.  He is so excited!  I can hardly wait to see his face when we get veggies!   I am also hoping to get a project done today, go see my grandmother, and go back to my friends house.  I think I need a 48 hour day!

What crafty happiness will you do today?

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