Monday, March 26, 2012

Terrible twos!

I have 5 wonderful children.  They range in age from 8 to 18.  Note - no toddler aged children!  So, you may be wondering about the title....terrible twos!  Well,  I also have 3 cats.  I have blogged about them before but late last night I came to a tremendous realization.  I am once again living in a house with a terrible two year old!  His name is Edmund.  He is stunning, playful, and very smart.
He is the love of my daughter's life.  He plays with ANYTHING!  He talks.  Yes, he really talks.....he is right here now talking to me as if to ask "what are you saying about me?".  Edmund is not actually 2 yet; more like just over 1.  What makes him a terrible 2 you ask?  Well, he throws fits for one.  Yesterday he was reprimanded for trying to get into the cabinets in the bathroom (like he needs to be in there) and we spent the whole day dealing with his fits....could not pick him up, he growled at us, he "complained" all day (little meows and such), and he knocked over tons of stuff.  That brings me to the main reason I think he is in his terrible 2's.  He constantly, I mean ALWAYS, knocks stuff down.  Specifically he knocks over cups that have liquid in them.  (We must have ghosts in the house because somehow there are usually around 20 cups dirty each day even though we only have 7 people in the house!  another story for another day)  I am always having to clean up his spills.  I think he spills more than my 5 did all put together.  He spilled a large cup of juice the other day while I was out.  It covered the whole countertop, ran down the front of 3 cabinets, into drawers, onto the floor....well, you get the picture.  We are still finding sticky spots a week later!

My point in telling you all of this is to explain why there is no picture project today.  I downloaded a picture to put here.  Then handed the camera to a child (an older one) for a school project.  Now for my mistake....I walked away from the computer.  Yep...Edmund jumped up onto the keyboard and somehow hit delete.  Poof!  No more photos!  Can't seem to get them back either.  Gotta love that little grey guy.

So.  For all of you out there that still have little ones at home....I feel for you.  And for those of you who don't.....well, I feel for you too!  I remember my kids as little ones when i could not get anything done and sometimes miss those days.  You know what I mean.  Just be grateful for your days with them.  Take the time to make the memories you will have later on.

Pictures....I will repost project pics this afternoon when I retrieve the camera.  But for now, I will leave you with a couple more pics from spring break.
tropical lush!  In my front yard at the bayhouse!

 Even though they are messy seagulls are pretty birds.

One heck of a big blue!  Caught on a fishing pole from the dock.  8 inch shell.  Too bad he went home with a friend instead of to our table for dinner!

Come back tonight.  I will have some scrapp happiness for you!  Locals.....have you signed up for the scrappin sampler at Scrapp n' Savvy?  There are a few spots left for this weekend.  Way cool project!

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