Tuesday, March 20, 2012

my spring break - pics

Well, as you know we spent our spring break at the beach.  The weather was wonderful (is there bad weather when you are at the beach?) and I sure enjoyed having everyone down.  I thought I would let ya'll in on  a few of the fun happenings from our week:
 This was our first sunset this time.  It had been a little cool and rainy but the sunset was fabulous!   Our place is on the bayside so we always have perfect sunset views.  It literally looked like fire.  But you had to be ready for it because it only lasted a few minutes.  I understand what they mean when they say the sun dropped like a stone from the's there one minute and gone the next!
This is my oldest with our first round of fish!   Yeah!  3 redfish and 1 speckled trout.  They were huge!  Obviously found the honey hole this time!  They had a great, and I mean GREAT, week fishing.  It was probably the best since we have had the house.  Another day they came back with 5 I think, all reds.  Oh, and of course, how could I hubby took my oldest daughter and middle son out.  She was miserable apparently.  They had caught 2 keepers and decided to cast one last time and head home.  And wham!  She caught the biggest redfish ever!  Boy was she proud (pic on hubby's phone or it would be here!)  We ate a ton of fish (nothing better than fresh caught fish) and still brought some home for this Friday.
 And the BEST!  My niece and her family were with us most of the week.  The little guy is SOOOOO stinkin' cute!  I just love him to pieces.  He had a blast on the beach.  Loved the water even though it was a bit cool.  We played in the sand, dug around in it, but mostly splashed in the water.
Little guy with my youngest daughter.  He would look at her like "why are you sitting down?"  It was really cute.  He finally plopped down beside her.  All my kids love playing with him.  My youngest has finally passed the jealousy stage.  He knows I will always be his mom and he will always be MY little guy.   So now he plays with him and acts like a big brother.   Fun to watch.

I think we all enjoyed our week.  Hated to see the little guy go home but we will see them soon.  I think if we all had our way they (and all the cousins) would just live with us!  What fun that would be!  But back to school, and work, and scrapping....

Class today.  You know how I know I have class today?  Because it is going to rain.  Epically.  Every class I have taught this year has been on the days it has rained really bad.  I mean the days where places have flooded.  Flooded where ladies have not been able to get to us.  Rained like we needed an ark!  And of course today is no exception!  It is supposed to be really bad here today.  So, off I go for class.....  Today I will be teaching the Spring Break mini album.  It is made with the My Mind's Eye Sunshine collection.  I will be using the boy's accessory sheet with it.  The mini is 6 x 6 and has some cute interactive pages.  Looking forward to putting some of the 200 pics I took at spring break in it!  Oh no, lightening.....thunder.

I am going to end the post now so I don't loose it all when the power starts flashing.  Have a great day.  Check out the Gallery page.  I plan to post pics of each page of the mini album today.

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  1. Man that is one cute baby!!! Right back at ya Auntie, I'd have a million kids if we were living with you guys and I had you at my back all the time!! Love you!