Monday, February 20, 2012

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

As the old saying goes:  "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".  I beg to differ.  I learned something new today!!!!  No, I don't think I'm a dog.  And, no, I don't necessarily think I am old.  Well,  anyway that's for another time!

I took a Copic class today.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  When I began working at Scrapp n' Savvy I met some wonderful ladies.  I continue to be awed and inspired by what they do.  Each one has something different to offer.  I met Debra there and she teaches the Copic card class.  The technique looked so cool.  She aided me in purchasing my first few copics and gave me some guidelines on how to use them and on future purchases.  I kept telling myself that I would take one of her classes and today was the banner day!  It has truly been many, many years since I took any kind of class.  This was really enjoyable.

Debra taught us 3 cards but one in specific has me thrilled!  This is the closeup of the front:
This uses the Elizabeth Craft Designs stickers with Glitter Ritz microfine glitter and sheet adhesive.  I was so nervous that I would mess up.  This is really my first copic card.  I just love the technique and especially how it looks.  Don't look too close......there are some mistakes.  I will get better.  I just LOVE the glitter look.  I found this incredibly easy because it is so much like painting (which is my first love).  I can hardly wait to play with this again!

It is a bit difficult to get the whole beauty of the card in a picture.  I had not even seen this product but it was released some time ago.  Be inspired.  I was.

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