Friday, February 10, 2012

And the winner is.....

The blog hop was a blast!  For those of you who participated and left a comment there was a chance to win a prize.  Yeah!  And the winner is:  Posted by BLAP - she said . . . I love this project...I love doing projects like this one.  If this is your comment then please contact Scrappn' Savvy to collect your prize.  Congratulations.

As you may know I recently moved.  It is really difficult to move one's creative space.  What you set up in one place may or may not work in the new one.  I defined my space in the new house and then proceeded to make it work.  I have spent countless hours organizing, throwing away, and giving away an amazing stash of "stuff".    Sometimes I know my husband looks at the pile and wonders if he will ever see the floor again or if he will have to withstand an avalanche when he opens the closet.  Well, I won the battle with all the "stuff".  There is so much that I think "oh, I don't want that" but then I remember that I still have little ones that want to play with pipe cleaners!  (much to the pure delight of my kitties!)  I think my hubby was amazed when he looked last night.  Everything was neatly organized, labelled, and put away.  Easy access to all I want and "need" :)  I am totally thrilled with being able to simply pull out what I want without having to move everything.  

So, now that my space is mostly complete (still have some minor tweaks to do), I thought I would share.  
 This is my desk space.  An ancient drafting table that I love.  To the left is my solid cardstock stash.  Front and center is paper embellies, tools, work in progress.  To the right back corner is all sorts of stuff like envelopes, cards, tools, stickers, etc.  The hanging cabinet houses my small embellies, buttons, most of my flowers, ink pads, and some misc things.
 Under the desk hides my paper collections sorted by season or style.  Everything is in wraps to prevent tears.  I hope to sew some covers for the containers to inhibit the dust bunny farm from taking over.   The basket holds all my Scrappn' Savvy work.
 Behind me when I sit at my desk is my old farm table.  It's been cleaned and painted and I still love it!  It holds my Cricut world.  Drawers hold paper mache, chipboard, and cricut stuff.  The top shelf I built myself!:)  It contains (or tries to) my ribbon addiction.  The white drawer stack has my stamps, punches, larger flowers, and my adhesive bucket.
 Yes, I really am addicted to ribbon.  And it must be separated by color.  Each color has a separate ring but many have several rings.  I am sure the ribbon has learned from the dust bunnies because I am positive that it multiplies overnight!
 The closet - general craft stuff and easy access to my mini albums that are for sale.
The closet - sewing stuff.

I know sometimes inspiration comes from seeing how someone else works.  I hope this inspires you. It sure makes me happy!  I have tons of projects I'm working on so check back often.  Now, go on and play with some paper!

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  1. Sooooo awesome!! I'm jealous!! Y'all coming to my house next to set my space up?! So glad you got a nook, it's just amazing!!