Friday, February 17, 2012


Inspiration.  Sometimes it is really difficult to get inspired to do something.  I mean, really, just how many meals can one create that 6 other people are going to eat and love?  How many cards can I make before my brain shuts down?  How many times can I look at that piece of paper and will it to be something?  Well, apparently the answer to all of those is "a bunch"!

Today I was trying very hard to get some scrapping done.  3 teenagers home from school.  Repairmen coming and going.  Trying to get everyone coordinated for the weekend.  And BOOM!  My inspiration oldest daughter showed me a sketch she is working on and this one little piece of it just sent my mind whirring.  Gotta love that.  I was able to sit down and get tons on paper.....LO sketches, card sketches, a couple of painting sketches (for when I have loads of time), and a couple other projects.  I guess that the one little bit of inspiration created an overflow of the rest.  I can hardly wait to sit down and do some of these little gems!

What inspires you?  Let me know.

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