Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Picture storage

Pictures.  We all have them.  Usually lots of them.  When I first started my family we took tons of pictures and had them developed. (does that "date" me?  )  But somewhere around child 3 the digital camera took hold.  My ever loving hubby purchased a "really cool" one for us and we continued taking tons of pictures.  Now the difference was that we "stored" them on discs.  Very few were actually printed.  My family continued growing as did the number of pictures we took.  The difference was that we could not easily see them and that they took up so little space.  So, I guess this is where I truly began the desire to scrapbook.  I knew someday one of my lovely little ones would look at me and say "mom, where is that picture of me on the camel?" or something similar.  I wanted to be able to say "in the scrapbook darling!"  Well, maybe not those exact words, but you get my drift.

So,  I have been slowly working on the albums.  It is an overwhelming task and I decided to start at the "now" point and work with the "before" pictures as time allotted.  I do have my favorite pictures.  We all do. I find myself wanting to use them more and more.  Also, when I am working on an album I like to print out my pics first.  What do you do with them while you are scrapping happily away?  Well, this is what I decided on:

Somewhere along my wandering days I found this really cute little box.  I'm sure it had a lid at some point but not now.  I think I bought it for a dollar.  It had good lines and I just loved the size.  It's been hiding under the desk with all the dust bunnies for about a year now.  When we moved I dusted it off and thought it was time.  Time to make it pretty again.  A little paint, a little stain, some pretty papers, and lots of flowers and voila!  I have a pretty little box that holds my current "working" pictures.  I added dividers so I can keep it organized.  I love it.  Functional.  Cute.  Vintage.  Works for me.

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