Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just a few notes

Good morning all.  The time change is going to kill me!  I get up early anyway but now it seems like I am up before the birds.  Then I am am exhausted and it is only 9pm!  Eventually I will get used to it.

Just wanted to give everyone a little info.  Most of the recent pictures have been of projects that I have taught in my classes.  Those projects limit me to using only certain brands and amounts of materials.  For example, since I have to stay within a specific dollar amount I cannot use all the embellishments that I would normally.  So, I make all the embellishments from the paper collections : the flowers, leaves, coils, etc.  I will be posting  pics of a new mini that I finished yesterday.  Heavily embellished.  I think it turned out very cute.  Also of note, a couple of you have asked about binding.  I do not own a binding machine.  I do have a crop a dile that I use for hole punching (love that thing).  I do like the cinch bindings but I just bend them by hand.

Thanks for following and feel free to leave comments.  Have a great and blessed day!

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