Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Haunted Ephemera

What? you may ask could that mean?    Well, this month Gecko Galz has released new images and one of the collage sheets is called Haunted Ephemera.  Had you wondering didn't I?

When I saw these images I fell in love with them.  I knew right away what I wanted to do with them.

So I started with an 8 x 10 canvas that I covered with Tim Holtz word tissue paper and washi tape.  I used the Design Memory Craft Gel Medium to adhere it to the canvas.  I also gave the top a coat of Gel Medium to make sure all was secure on the canvas.  Once it was dry I gave it a light coat of Gesso.

I knew I wanted a pop out effect so I decided to use another canvas sized 5 x 7.  I cut the center "x" patterned and folded the canvas to the back of the wood frame and secured with glue.  Using Design Memory Craft's Whipped Spackle I added texture to the edges of this frame using a stencil and also to the main canvas.

This is the back of the 5 x 7 canvas.  You can see how it was adhered to the wooden structure of the canvas.

Once the Whipped Spackle was dry, I scribbled Black Cherry Gelato (from the Steampunk Gelato Set) and used my fingers to rub it in.

Next I added Iced Chai Gelato to the small frame and Chalkboard Paint to the brick pattern that I had stenciled on.  I also added a little of the Iced Chai to the canvas edges to distress it.

 This is what the canvas looked like when the chalkboard paint was dry.

I adhered the small canvas to the larger one.

Next I mixed some Whipped Spackle with black gelato to get a creamy consistency. 

Spread  this mixture around the edges of the small canvas and a little onto the larger one.  I tried to keep it rough, not smooth like rough concrete.

This is a side picture of this step.

I scribbled some Black Gelato on my splat mat, misted it with water, and wiped it up with cheesecloth.  This gives the cheesecloth a variegated color.

Time to begin layering in the papers.

You can see in this picture the witch picture, the raven on the left, and the poison tag from Gecko Galz.

Here you can see the witch spells tag,and the cat and the moon image as well.

There are so many gorgeous images from Gecko Galz this month!  Stop by and check them out.  Not all are Halloween images either!

I hope I have inspired you to create a little madness today!  Check back soon for more fun projects using Gecko Galz images.  I have some cute little things to share later this week.


  1. Terri this is awesome. Thanks for sharing how you created the texture and background. It turned out wonderful. LOVE it!

  2. That is so fabulous Terri! I really love it and appreciate you sharing pics of the process!!! Super inspiring, tfs!!! :D