Saturday, September 13, 2014

A sad day.....

Everyone has wishes in their lives.  Some are great; some are small.  It is just a part of who we are.  But it is so awesome when a "big" wish comes true!

I have wished that I could be a part of a wonderful company inspiring individuals creatively for some time now.  My wish came true when I became a part of the Design Memory Craft Summer 2014 Design Team.  Truly a wish come true!  I have enjoyed myself immensely.  It was everything I had wished for and oh so much more.  I met some amazingly talented ladies who have inspired me greatly.  I hope to hold them as friends for a lifetime.  I have had some ladies write and tell me how I inspired them.  Wow.  Just amazed me.

So, it was a sad day for me when my term ended last week.  For my last post with Design Memory Craft I made a small canvas to help me remember that wishes do come true.

I had a lot of fun making this little canvas.  For all the details please go to the DMC blog.  There is a step by step photo tutorial there.

It has been very crazy here.  Lots of projects.  Lots of classes.  Getting ready for the next quarter teaching.  I am making some changes very soon.  I hope you come back often to see them.

Be inspired today.  Make a wish.  It may come true!!!

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  1. I know they loved having you as part of the team. Your work is always beautiful! Hugs!!