Saturday, August 25, 2012

My heart skipped a little beat

I'm a mother.  No, more of a mom really.  No formality.  Just lots of love and fun.  I have this sixth sense when it comes to my kids.  A gut feeling I guess you might call it.  I think when you become a mother (by birth or adoption - you still become a mother) God drops this extra sense to you.  We like to joke that He gives us extra guardian angels that whisper to us mothers!  Somehow, someway a mother just knows.  So last night when the phone rang at 1130 pm I jumped.  Oh boy did I jump!

There has been some shuffling in our house recently.  The oldest went off to college and the vultures started moving!  Middle child took the oldest child's room, youngest child took the middle child's room, mom took the youngest child's room, etc....  There is still a designated room for the oldest don't worry!  But, this shifting has had one very pleasant outcome for me.  When the hubby starts snoring (which will happen since we live in the allergy capital of Texas!!!) I can move upstairs to a bed.  A real bed.  Not the sofa.  Not the floor.  It is pure heaven!!  Such was the case last night.

I had just drifted off to sleep when I heard the phone ring.  Of course, there was no phone upstairs.  By the time I stumbled downstairs, without my glasses, the phone had stopped.  Ugh!  Good thing we have caller id.  I just had this gut feeling it was the oldest child.  Sure enough!  As I called him back my nerves ramped up.  He didn't pick up immediately either.  Nerves ramped up some more.  Then when he does pick up he seems utterly confused as to why I'm calling him.  He butt-dialed me.  Really?  For heaven's sake lock the screen or something!  And then the lovely little guy says "oh, did I wake you?"  Really?????  It's late.  Late for me.  Now I'm awake.  Fully awake.  Had not spoken to him in what, 24 hours or more.  But he was off to play frisbee so he couldn't talk right now.  Frisbee.  At midnight.  Oh, how I remember those days!

It is an incredibly strange sensation to know that for 18 years I have been solely responsible for knowing everything about this child and now he is on his own.  He is an adult.  He makes his own choices and does not have to check in with me.  He is smart and very responsible but it is strange for me.  He has been gone a week now and I have limited myself to only a few closet crying sessions.  I have limited myself to a few calls and only for "important" things.  Texts, well, I have texted him more than once a day I admit.  But I am allowed to.....I'm his mom!

Needless to say but after my adrenaline rush of the phone episode I was awake.  Completely, not falling asleep anytime soon awake!  What would any good crafter do in this situation?  Yep, craft!  I have been working on projects for next quarters classes and still had some design issues.  Not anymore!  Midnight was good.  I worked out a few kinks in my plans, got the logistics of projects down, and simplified a rather hard project so I think I can put it on the list for next quarter.  Yeah!  Feeling good, tired, but good.

Today is the last class I teach for the vintage beach suitcase.  I can hardly wait.  This one has been so much fun.  I love watching the ladies transform the parts to make their own suitcase.  The look of accomplishment on their face is wonderful.  I am planning another suitcase for Christmas and I think it will be adorable.  Tune in for pics of that closer to Christmas.  After class I am headed to my grandparents.  They are in their 90's.  Amazing.  I am hoping to see my newest baby cousin as they will be in town today.  I find I really enjoy visiting with my grandparents now.  I love hearing all the stories of them growing up.  Just mind boggling the things they have done, have seen.

It's going to be a great day.  Even though my heart skipped a little beat late last night, I know today will be great.  Family and crafting - yeah!  Hope your day is special too.

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