Saturday, September 1, 2012

My holiday fun

It's Labor Day weekend.  This is the weekend I think my kids look forward to because it is the first long weekend since school started.  Yes, selfish since they don't really understand what the holiday signifies, but real!  Me?  Well, I am looking forward to the weekend too.  Really I'm looking forward to not having to make lunches.  I hate making lunches for school.  They never, never want what you have for lunch.  They never eat what you pack.  I get it, but come on.  Give mom a break!  I am lucky that they do make their lunches most days (except the little guy).

On to the weekend.....I am teaching today at Scrapp n' Savvy.  This is my Pinterest inspired class and today it is called Clip and Dangle.  There are so many cute homemade pin boards and note boards on Pinterest.  It inspired me to make the religious ones that I posted a few months back but also these really cute picture clip boards.

There are so many possibilities.  I am planning on making a larger one to hold recipes while I work in the kitchen.  In the picture the cream stand holding the pictures is the "clip" and the cork ornaments is the "dangle".  The cork ornaments are all over Pinterest.  I have a dear friend who has been collecting corks for many, many years in hopes of doing some cute, fun project.  For now though, they are in a large box in her pantry.  Good for me.....I got to dig through and find cute corks for this project!  Yes, I know.  This sounds like the perfect excuse to open a bottle of vino with the girls.  All in the name of crafting!  I'll get to that this weekend!

I am praying for those in Louisiana and surrounding states hit by the hurricane.  How much water can they take?  My prayer seems a bit, well, selfish I guess.  You see, there is this scrapbook convention in Mandeville, Louisiana in 2 weeks.  Sits right on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain.  Selfish.  I really want to go.  Have made kits to sale and everything.  New crop bag to take goodies in (it's been years since I have gone to a crop night).  Plans for what I can bring to crop.  Plans for a good bottle of wine with the girls at the end of a great crafting day.  So....prayers for those people.  They really need them.  But also prayers for those of us heading there for convention.  We need that time too.  And just think of the money we can pump into that local economy!  I'm prepared to do my part!

Well ladies.  I hope you have a great weekend.  Spend some time with family, craft, but mostly enjoy your time.  Check back next week for some new craftiness!

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