Monday, August 20, 2012

Ah, the good old days

This weekend was one of those emotional roller coaster kinds.  The hubby and I delivered our first born to COLLEGE!  Oh man.  Talk about emotions.

To start with, it is an 8 hour drive (maybe a bit more with snack stops).  We left early Saturday morning.  Just hubby, college child, and myself.  All the others stayed at the house.  My little man has been crying for 2 weeks just because he is going to miss his big brother.  That alone has put me on tear alert.  Like I needed an excuse!  I mean really.....I'm going to miss his big brother too!  Anyway, after the day long drive we finally arrived.  A friend told me that sometimes they let the kids move in the night before but that is "unofficial" and we just have to show up.  Armed with that tidbit of info I suggested that we drive by his dorm to just take a look.  Yep.  Won the lottery on that one!!!  No lines.  Parked right in front of building.  Unloaded all the stuff.  Got first pick of beds in the tiny room.  College kid got first taste of what life will be without mom and maybe a bit of vice versa.

I think the last sentence there is important.  I tend to be a crier.  I cry when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when others are happy, when others are sad, well, you get the picture.  I cry.  It's me; just who I am.  My mom is this way too.  So, I have been trying very hard to focus on all the positives.  I don't want the boy to think his momma is going to cry the whole time he is gone (or at least he doesn't need to know that!)  I think that the unloading of all the stuff then having the evening and the next morning to just chill with him was the absolute best thing ever.  I was not stressed about having to battle the lines of students or chaos that happens on move in weekend.  It was nice.  Also, having had a good look at the room we realized a few little things we had not brought with us so there was time Sunday morning to pick them up.

So, sometime around noon yesterday, we left.  Left my beautiful baby boy at college.  I shed a few tears but managed to keep my composure for the most part.  Last night, alone in my closet, is a different matter entirely!  This is an amazing time for him I know but I sure am going to miss him.  He is an incredible person that brings rays of sunshine to our home.  Hubby and I fondly remembered some of our college days.  He brought up that our boy has some opportunities that we did not.  Neither of us lived on campus.  I was really glad to hear hubby say that it is good for him to live on campus because I really pushed for that.  Being so far from home, I felt he needed to right in the middle of it all.  I enjoyed that wonderful conversation with the hubby.  It made me feel like I pushed for the right thing.  Now home to the wonderful 4 rays of sunshine that are there:  the amazing HS senior that nothing is to big of a challenge for, the big hearted HS junior who always has a dazzling smile and laugh for everyone, the 8th grader who is ready to challenge the world with brains and beauty, and of course my little man....the precocious one of the bunch.  Is he 9 or 19?  Always has a funny response that is way beyond his little years and always has a hug for his momma!

On to this week.  For those of you who missed it, I am holding another beach suitcase class this Saturday at Scrap n' Savvy.  This wonderful mini album has tons of stuff.  You can see the other pics of the album in the last post.  I was totally impressed with the ladies in my last class....they did wonderfully!  There are  quite a few steps on this one.  Their suitcases turned out beautifully.  Could not have asked for more.

This week I will be working on projects for next quarter.  I am excited about a few of them already.  The others need to completely "gel" in my mind.  This is one of my favorite parts.  I have an idea in my head and now need to turn it into something that people will want to make.  I have had a few flops but mostly manage to have projects that people like.  The beach suitcase was a homerun.  Here's hoping I can have another one!

There are so many new things on the market now.  CHA was a few weeks ago and now all those new items that were introduced are making their way into the stores.  Keep your mouse ready.....I will be playing with a few and naturally will share with you this week.  Since my kids are back in school I plan to be better with posting here (adding videos maybe?!)

I would love to see your favorite project that you have made.  Share a link to it in the comment section. Have a great day everyone.

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  1. Hi, Terri. I was just wondering if you got the directions printed out for the beach album yet. I haven't had time to work on it since the class but do want to finish it. Also did the corner pieces come in? Hopefully I will make it to the Lickety Slip class on Tuesday. Hope to see you soon. Patsy