Friday, May 25, 2012

A little bit of this and that

May is probably the most chaotic month for me.  I thought when my children were smaller that it was just because of all the elementary end of year activities.  However, now that I have children in elementary, middle, and high school I can step back and say "nope"!  Life is equally busy for all ages!  There are so many milestones that happen this month and it has made for an extremely chaotic time in my house.  More than usual I might add.

So, I just thought I would hit some of this and that today.  I recently taught my May class at Scrapp n' Savvy.  It was the Country Garden Deskflip mini album.
This little beauty is about 10 inches tall.  The mini hangs from the top on a garden trellis.  (I made the original but my wonderful Dad helped me build the multitudes for the class!)  It is really cute; the picture does not do it justice.  I incorporated some mixed media techniques on the cover and took some ladies right out of their comfort zone!  I was great fun and I think everyone enjoyed their end result.  Check the gallery to see pics of the whole thing.

Next up is a picture of my senior.  He graduates this Sunday.  (pause,  I had to sniffle!)  I just can't believe he is graduating!  It just seems like yesterday that he was born.  I can say quite honestly that I am blessed. I have 5 wonderful children.  As he heads to college this fall I know there will be a hole, a void where he has filled my life for 18 years.  I will be a mom and continue on.  There are 4 more right behind him!  But, this past weekend was prom.  A senior's time for fun.  My son is part of a group of boys (7 of them) and they all partied together.  The prom weekend ended with a trip to our beachhouse (parents included!) and I was fortunate to snap this cool pic of my boy:
The bright color of the house really enhances the bright blue of his eyes.   This will be one of my fav pics for a while!  (And will bring back the memory that these boys and their dates used 600 water balloons in 4 hours!  What a war that was!)

I want to end with pics of a mini, mini album.  I made this tiny superstar using the Bo Bunny Gabrielle paper collection.  The album is only 3 x 3 but holds so much.  Take a look:

I love the colors.   I love the lace.  I love the butterflies.  I guess I just love the whole little package!  I truly used scraps to make this little lovely.  That makes it even better!

Ok, off to the next event.  It is May afterall.  And its Friday.  That is a deadly combination here of late.  Hopefully I inspired you today.  Go.  Create.   Enjoy.

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