Friday, September 21, 2012


What a crazy couple of weeks it has been.  Somewhere in my mind I thought that when the oldest went away to school that life at home would be a little less crazy.  Ha!  Delusional me!  I really think it is crazier.  I don't know what I was thinking....I mean, there are still 4 kiddos here that need to be taken everywhere.  Oh, and of course they still want to be fed!  Aagh!

It seems that it has been hard to get a blog up in the last 2 weeks.  So today I specifically made time for it.  Yeah!  I have of course been busy scrapbooking.  Scrapp n' Savvy is having their sampler next Friday and Saturday.  This means that I need to have all my projects for the next quarter done by Wednesday so that they can be photographed and make sure I have an inventory of all that I used on a project.  While I won't post pics of those projects today, I can tell you that I am very happy with them and I think you will be too!

I have spent an inordinate amount of time sitting in the last few weeks.  Volleyball (before she switched to soccer), soccer, cross country, meetings of every kind (do we really need to sit for an hour and a half listening to someone tell me what is written on a piece of paper?), well, you get the picture.  As you may be able to tell by my little comment I am really, really tired of pointless meetings.    I get it.  But I have 5 children.  I could write the manual on some of these things.  To make these meetings mandatory is silly.  I had 3, yes 3, last night.  All at the same time.  All on the same property.  All for different children.  I chose the youngest child's scout meeting.  He needed me the most last night!  All said......I have had a bunch of time not at my desk.  So, to keep my hands busy I took my sketchbook along.

I have always been a doodler.  I have filled pages with funny little people, cat faces, pumpkins, elaborate swirls and twirls.  I thought I would share some of them with you today.
 I usually start with a pencil drawing then come back and cover it with a black multiliner pen.  I especially love this because if I make a mistake I can cover it with a thicker line.
 This is the same type of drawing but after I finished with my black pen I experimented with the Faber Castell gelatos.  Love them!  They blend so nice.
 Of course, I had to break out the copics.  I grabbed a few colors and stuck them in my purse!  I had to draw something based on the colors I had grabbed!  Worked out okay though.
 Just simple shapes and then you keep adding on.  I think I am going to glitter ritz this one and color it with copics for the front of a card.
 I love my seahorses!  Each one is different.  
 And of course a mermaid.  Actually drew several of these.  Colored some with copics (very cool) and others with gelatos.  I have given them all away though so no pics.  Her hair is by far my favorite.
This is a fairy that I am working on now.  Not sure how this one will turn out.  It is the wings that draw me in though.  Like butterfly wings.  Faces are not my thing....just can't seem to get them right.  I know the face will be simple so the wings will be more patterned.  Definitely will color this one with copics.

I have used some of these in my scrapbooking.  Small ones that are subject specific.  As titles, names, dates.  You know that sometimes it is really hard to find that perfect embellishment for a page, but with these you can just make it!  I usually keep a small stash of the super heavy weight artist paper in my bag so that I can take advantage of down time.

I hope I inspired you today.  Check back.  You never know what fun messes I will have here for you!

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  1. Your doodles are masterpieces!!! LOVE the seahorse, flowers, and mermaid. You never cease to amaze me.