Friday, January 27, 2012

A Goal!

This may be a bit off the paper chase, but......I have 3 teenagers that all play soccer for their high school.  Each on a different team.  Makes for some epic soccer nights let me tell you!  There are always some games I will do anything I can to make, including driving an hour for.  Well, last night was one of those nights.  We play an international school team in our district and they are tough.  Really rough players.  I think because so many of them are from South America where soccer is king they just have a different spirit of play.

I have 2 boys and a daughter that play.  Last night the youngest son had to play across town at the same time as my daughter!  Bad planning on the district's part.  However, I made it for the daughter and older son's game.  I was not disappointed either.  They were amazing games.  The level of play is so dramatically different between the girls and boys.  Boys are by far more physical and much faster paced.  I was elated that my kids came out with only minor bumps and bruises. (and yes, I think soccer is way more physical than football could ever be).

But the play of the whole night came from my oldest son.  His team is currently tied with the team they played for 1st in district.  We were down 1 to 0 with 9 minutes remaining.  And there is my wonderful little boy.  There in the perfect spot.  At the perfect moment.  With the perfect pass.  SCORE!  It was beautiful.  For those of you with children you might be able to understand that moment.  It is the moment he will remember forever!  It was truly the best game I have ever watched him play (and I have watched him play a bunch!).  My moment to be proud.  I am still hoarse from cheering.

Unfortunately, in the shoot-out, they lost by 1!  One.  Really?  I mean, our boys are so much more handsome than the others (that's truly a mom talking).  Doesn't that count?  I guess not.  :)

It was a wonderful, epic soccer night.  Now on to district, regional, and then state.  Should mention that my daughter's team is 3rd and the younger son's team is 2nd.  Amazing, just amazing.

One the paper side.........As you have read, we moved!  My craft area is almost set but it is totally workable now.  Yeah!  I just love it.  So, time permitting, I will post some pics of it.

Also, mark your calendar's for the blog hop.  You will start the hop on the Scrapp n' Savvy blog on Feb. 4.  It will run all weekend and there will be Prizes!

Let's get back to paper fun......check back soon for pics

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