Thursday, October 18, 2012

tags, tags, and more tags

I don't know about the rest of you, but, I am a Pinterest addict!!!  My niece began this downward spiral for me when she got her new iphone last year.  She spent most of her night looking through Pinterest.  Then she had the nerve to tell me about it!   Aaaaghhhh!  Now I get to spend some nights thumbing through Pinterest!  I have actually set a time limit for myself on Pinterest so that I do not endlessly surf through it.  I also have made myself pin a certain number of things before I can surf.  My little mind games!  All so that I can look through Pinterest!

There have been some wonderful things that I have taken from it though.  Many recipes....baked oatmeal, crockpot chicken, the sprite rolls.  Some household with vinegar (kinda already did that but do more with it now), how to make the stainless sparkle, tips on storing things.  Home decor/seasonal decorations.....just look at my front door and you will see that one, plus many other things that I have made.  And of course,, layouts, cool products, color combos, etc.  I even teach an Inspired by Pinterest class.  If you haven't gotten into the Pinterest craze I recommend it.  Just keep in mind how much time it can eat.  Set your limits and be willing to admit when you are an addict!!

I thought I would share with you some of the tags I have made that were inspired by Pinterest.  This is a class next week so I won't share all of them yet.

The second photo is actually a layout I made so that I could use the super cute tag I had made.  I love using tags in layouts to give an interactive feel to them.  It is made with Authentique papers and Prima flowers.  The first tag is a little shabbly chic tag that I actually have made to go on the front of a card.

So, if you don't Pinterest you should!  It is amazing.  If you do, well then enough said.  If you are interested in seeing my boards and pins, you can find me on Pinterest as Terri Chronister-Burnette.

Ya'll have a great day.  I have to go now.  Pinterest is calling!

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