Thursday, October 11, 2012


I just love to daydream.  As a matter of fact, that was the most written comment on my report cards when I was in elementary school!  Lately it seems that I just don't make time (???) to daydream.  Yes, I put the question marks there because I shouldn't have to make time to daydream, right?  My schedule stays busy not allowing much extra down time.  And when I do have some down time I usually fill it with artistic endeavours!

So, back to the dream thing.  I fell in love with the My Mind's Eye Lost and Found 2 paper collection back in the summer.  So much so that I inadvertently double ordered paper packs!  I try very hard to not be a paper hoarder (topic for another day) so I have been  thinking about what I could do with all that lovely paper.  Dreaming about what to do with all that lovely paper.  And so I created a Dream mini album.

I just love mini albums.  Especially ones that look mighty small but are mighty in the number of pictures they will hold.  I love minis that are interactive.  I love minis that  hold a surprise for the person looking through them.  I especially love minis that are attractive and make people want to see what it is and look through it.  So, here is my dream mini:
 There is the bling factor: glittered paper.  Pearls, flowers, butterflies, texture.  And then there is a hint of what is inside hanging out around the edges!  I want to see in!  The book is filled with pages that flip open and extra large pocket pages that hold extra large tags with cute pull tabs on them.

 And then there is my favorite page:  the journaling pull out page!  It looks like a normal page but the end pulls out to expose a small space to journal!  I love, love, love how this turned out!  (My youngest son had a book that did this.  I carefully took it apart, figured out how it was done, and put it all back together again.  And then I changed it up and made it mine!)  The journaling space is front and back.

Oh, and then there is the closure!  Oh!  Lots of textures, charms, chain.  Just some scrappin goodness there!

This was so much fun to make.  I really love how the overall album turned out.  This is actually my next class at Scrapp n' Savvy this coming Saturday.  The class has turned out to be quite popular, thankfully.  I am looking forward to sharing with the class how to make the pages and just have some fun.

I hope you enjoyed my little Dream.  Check back in soon.  I am releasing a Waiting for Santa Suitcase album for sale.  Kits will be ready for delivery right after Thanksgiving.  So, check back here for the details!  Have a great day!

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