Monday, July 30, 2012

The lazy days of summer

Whoever penned "the lazy days of summer" clearly did not have children!  I mean really.  All of you ladies out there with kids at home for the summer know it is anything other than lazy!  I rank this time of the year right up there with the Christmas crazies.  You know what I mean.

I think I spend more time during the summer driving people places or trying to get them into doctor's offices than any other time of the year.  My husband does not understand why I won't cancel the doctor's appointment so we can go to the beachhouse.  I know he doesn't understand when I tell him that I have waited 3 months for this appointment and cancelling will cost us moola and major time!   Ah, oh well.  The joy of motherhood.

We spent last week with my son completing orientation for COLLEGE!  Man do I feel old!  I took all the kiddos so they could see family while I got oriented for college.  I mean, while my son got oriented for college.  Yeah.  You read that right.  There was just as much stuff for the parents as the students!  My favorite part?  The part where the university carefully explains, like 50 times, that no matter how much money you are giving them, how much money you are giving your child to go to the university and live, or how much money you are now in debt to the university that the said university will not be able to talk to you regarding any part of your child's college life!  Period.  End of story.  Oh and by the way there is this little form called a FERPA that IF your child signs (not you) then the university can answer your questions.  Got that?  Yeah.  Basically, the hubby and I will continue to fund the son's life (ie, college) and the university will not tell us anything unless the son decides he wants them to.  OH MAN!!!!  That was a tough one to swallow!  I heard a bunch of shouting and arguing over that one!  Many, many parents and students seriously had meltdowns about that one.  My silver lining?  The fact that my son happily completed the form, looked at me and said "why wouldn't I want you to know what I'm doing here?".  Oh, how I love that child!  I will say it again.....I am so lucky to have good kids!

I enjoyed my time with all my kiddos this past week.  It is amazing what kind of things get discussed when you are trapped in the car with no phone signal for hours at a time!  Oh, quality time!  I feel very connected right now!  Back to reality......this week will be crazy.  I have some of the kids back to school next week so it is crunch time to get everything ready for them.

Scrapbooking?  I do have a class this Saturday.  It is my Inspired by Pinterest class and I will teach how to make several different kinds of pendants using scrapbooking materials.

These are some of them.  I especially like the top one.  I made it months ago, inspired by pinterest of course, and just love it.  If you are in the area, call the shop and come to the class!  It will be loads of fun.  Go to Scrapp n' Savvy website to register.

Ok.  I have to run.  There are children that have to be places!!  Really? starts in a week!  Enjoy your day.

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