Saturday, June 16, 2012

A little break

Summertime. Just love it! We have spent the last week at the beach and it has been heaven. Wonderful rain storms, perfect fishing days, peaceful breezes. Just what we needed to rejuvenate! I did make a run into town the other day to fulfill some obligations I had at Scrapp n' Savvy. I had totally dropped the ball and did not complete my weekly layout. Major oops on my part. However, it was great to go home and be able to complete all my projects for the next quarter without any interruptions. This brings me to my thoughts for today. I am so excited about my projects! I can hardly wait to teach them! I thought I would give you a sneak peak but I have no photos for you. You must use your imaginations. I will teach two different classes each month this time. There will be. A project class like what I have been teaching and an inspired by pinterest class. So, let me give you some things to peak your interest. July is Christmas in July month so think snow, cold, crisp, cute, decor, mini album, canvas. August and September will hold visions of vintage, beach, new products, pendants, suitcase. Use your imagination! This Friday and Saturday will be the Scrapp n, Savvy Sampler. It is an extremely cute project. Worth every penny and more. I will post pics of my projects starting Friday. Check back then. Now, back to the beach!!!

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