Monday, February 9, 2015

Some pretty dangles!

Many years ago I had a successful jewelry business.   It all began because I wanted this gorgeous sapphire cross necklace.  Oh, it was so lovely.  It happened to be a special order and that lead to so many things.  Bead shops.  Silver shops.  Costume jewelry stores.  So much.  But they were all wholesale only.  The only way I could solve that problem was to open a business and get my resale license.  And poof!!  My business was born.  I LOVED it!  It was so much fun.

I have always enjoyed making my own jewelry.  But now I had all the proper tools and oh so much cool stuff to play with.  Oh, and people loved my designs.  It was wonderful.  At this same time I had a daughter that was very small.  An angel.  I sometimes had to take her to a show and people would never even know she was with me because she was so quiet!  Just about the time business started changing (market overflowed with bead makers and people making their own jewelry, and the silver market going through the roof) I had another child.  My adorable baby boy.  Well, enough said.  My jewelry business closed.

Sad you may think.  But not really.  I mean, I have always placed my children first.  The reality is that my loyal customers still came to me.  I had a trickle business just word of mouth.

The jewelry making bug never left either.  I find that I make more of my own jewelry than I purchase.  And many times if I do buy something I take it home and alter it to what I want!

I thought I would share some of the latest pieces with you.

This is a bezel that I overfilled with glass glitter then added some Ice Resin.  This picture doesn't do the color justice!  The light catches the glitter so beautifully.

This piece is a collage inside a bezel.  Lots of fun enameling and topped with Ice Resin.  This one and the one above were made while at CHA in an Ice Resin class.

This was also done in the CHA class.  It was kind of a guess; a test so to speak.  The instructor gave us a big washer from the hardware store.  We could enamel or do whatever we wanted.  It was quite the adventure.  To begin with, the washer is so thick it was difficult to heat properly for the enameling to melt!  I think I tried 3 times before it really stuck.  But I really love the look of it.

This is an older piece that I made from a G45 metal butterfly and some Elizabeth Craft Design pieces.

And the last favorite....the one I wear the most and people love.....

This is a bezel that I added a Gecko Galz image to.  I then added some glass glitter around the edges and filled it with Ice Resin.  I love the colors and how vintage it feels.

I hope you enjoyed these today.  Stop back by for more inspiration...

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