Sunday, June 1, 2014

A mini gift

I have the best 2 friends that anyone could wish for.  We met a bunch of years ago when our children went to school together.  We have shared good times.  We have shared bad times.  These are the ladies I know will be there no matter what.  We always celebrate our birthdays together.  Recently, while away celebrating a birthday, our waiter asked about a picture on one of our phones that was on the table.  We told him it was one of our kids.  Then he asked the ever "so, how many kids do you have?" question.  There was a pause.  You see, we each have quite a few kids.  Then my one friend responded that we had 15 kids between the 3 of us.  I think we all gasped!!!

So it is no wonder that this year, like the several years prior, we celebrated a variety of graduations.  So,  I thought I would share with you a mini gift that I made for one of my friends' daughters.  Just to let you know, green is her favorite color (in case you can't tell!).  Sorry for the poor lighting in the pics.  We were having a tremendous rain storm and the light box was in the car!

The mini is small....6 x 6.

Pages flip.  There are tags.  Pockets for extra fun stuff.

There are also a pull out or two.

I like the page below.  It is the paper and how the pocket opening is defined.  It holds a mini accordian album with a magnetic belly band.

I used papers from my stash; no particular paper line.  Since I was trying to stay within a color scheme I was able to pick and choose papers I liked for her.  I also pulled a variety of small embellishments I had leftover (like the wiggly eyes brads).  I tried to keep it relatively simple so she can add her own flair.

Hope you enjoyed.  I will post a fun itsy bitsy mini later this week.  Check back in.......

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