Monday, October 28, 2013

Adore Doors!

I have a confession today.  It is a strange thing.  I have been told so.  Don't judge me.  Just accept it and enjoy the photos.  Here goes......

I adore doors!  I do.  I don't understand why but I find beauty in old, unusual doors.  i just imagine the life that the door has had.  If it could talk, what would it tell about who has entered and left; the secrets it has held in; the love it has seen.

I thought I would share some pics of doors that I took while we were in Spain this summer.  Hope you enjoy them.
 In Madrid.  The detail is amazing.  This is the door to one of the consulate offices.
 This door is not nearly as old as the one above, but look at the sheer size of it!  All of these doors are around 15 ft tall!  So tall in fact that they have a smaller door that they use (see it on the right side door?)
 This is one of the oldest doors in Spain.  The detailing was amazing  There was leather added at the bottom with huge iron bolts.
 Toledo.  Look at the detail in the iron work.
 Not really a door.  This is a guard tower for the palace in Madrid.  No door, but cute kiddos!
 Massive oak door in Coca.  The door is from the 15th century.
 Segovia.  This door was about 8 inches thick!  And just huge.
 I could not get over the hand carved details on this door.  All of the elements you see were hand carved.  And this door is from the 17th century.
 At the Alcazar palace.  Love the morrocan detail in the frame.
Not always about the door.  Sometimes it is also about the locks, handles, and closures.  This is on a gate (acting as a door) to an inner palace garden.  It was enormous.  Hand made in the 1800's.

I have so many more, but I won't bore you with them.  I hope you enjoyed.  Have a great day.

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