Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A brand new life

I love to re-do something old and make it look new again.  Don't you?  There is something very satisfying when I take something that might be headed for the trash and re-make it so it is functional.

Recently I found an old, horribly painted cabinet at my local thrift store.  I don't have a photo to publish because of the grafiti that was scribbled on it (totally inappropriate!).  So let me give you a mental image to work with:  The whole cabinet was painted dark forest green.  The doors had large pine trees and pine cones painted on them in various shades of green and yellow and brown.  The 3 drawers at the bottom each had a different outdoor type item painted on it (leaf, pinecone, and something unknown!)  and the knobs were yellow.  Then there was the overall general condition of the piece....very bad.  The bottom legs were splitting apart and the doors were falling off due to a missing hinge.  Trust me when I say it was bad.  Very, very bad.

But with some TLC and some fun paper and embellishments it became this:

I first tried to paint the cabinet with chalkboard paint.  It looked awesome.  Until I went to move it 2 days later.  Don't know what happened but the black rubbed off!  Most stayed on the cabinet but just too much came off.  So, re-do!  Sanded, painted it a soft blue, then finally white.  I distressed all the edges with sandpaper allowing the light blue to slightly show.  I then added a variety of papers (I think they were all Prima Marketing papers), some vintage lace, Graphic 45 pulls, Tim Holtz knobs, and some other fun embellishments.

So that piece of trash has now become a shabby chic wonder!

Have a wonderful day.

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