Thursday, November 1, 2012

The rest of the tags!!!

Tags.   Who doesn't love tags?  I love, love, love them!!!  As a child I took art lessons, painting to be exact, while all my friends tumbled, cheered, or played enough piano to make their little fingers hurt.  I painted.  A lot.  Being an only child I had access to the "extra room" in our house so I made it my personal studio.  Well, only the closet.  Yep, that's right.  I had a studio in a small walk in closet.  It was great!  I would sit on the floor and paint for hours.

My teacher always complained that I would never paint large paintings.  The largest I liked was about a 16 x 20.  Rare occasions had me painting on a 20 x 26 but very rarely.  She liked the 40 x 50 size.  That's freaking huge!!! Especially to a 10 year old!  My favorite was, and still is, the small canvas sizes of 8 x 10 and smaller.  I don't know why.  To this day I have groupings hanging in my house of smaller framed paintings that are 8 x 10 and smaller.  

All that info leads me back to the tags.  I think one of the reasons I like tags so much is that they are like a mini piece of art.  My favorite size.  The more intricate the design the better.  I posted 2 tags a few posts ago, but I wanted to post pics of all the tags from the class I had recently that was just about tags.

 This tag is one of my favorites.  It was shown on the previous post but I wanted to show the more detailed photos.  The paper collection used is by Authentique.  I just adore the colors.  So many people make the tags but don't know how to then use them.  I created the layout to show how to incorporate a tag into a layout.  Didn't it turn out great?  As you can see the tag fits perfectly into the burlap pocket I created on the page.
 Who doesn't love those mini hangars?  Had to use them.  A bit of bling and Voila!
 Oh my.  This tag turned out so elegant.  This is a foil technique I saw on Pinterest (my addiction).  This tag is made the same way I saw how to make it on Pinterest.  However, for my class I changed it and used modelling creme and one of the wonderful Crafter's Workshop templates.  We played with some other tidbits and the foil too.  
 My second favorite and the reason I did the tag class is this cutie.  Everyone wanted to make this one.  It has a bunch of tiny components, and probably took the longest to make, but the efforts are worth it.  In class I showed other variations including a Christmas tag made this way.

And lastly.....the gift card holder.  How many times do I give up and just purchase a gift card as a gift?  Well, at least now they can be given in a cute tag!  How cool is it that I get the satisfaction of making the tag and then giving the mini art to someone with a gift.

All of these tags were inspired by tags I pinned while on Pinterest.  Visit me on Pinterest and you can see them on my boards (I am under Terri Chronister-Burnette).  I hope one of these inspired you today. Let me know what you think.......

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