Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a great weekend!

Wow.  This has been a great weekend.  Saturday my youngest received his First Holy Communion.  What a wonderful day.  He has been so excited for the last month.  I think the whole day lived up to his expectations.  And did I mention that my parents arrived Friday?  Well, that was the best way to start a weekend if you ask me!  I just love having them here.  Thankfully they will be here for a whole month!

I thought I would share a little secret today.  Some of you may already know this and some of you may have this little secret too.  I cannot throw away my "small" scraps of paper when I make an album.  I have this amazing file for all my little pieces.  I save paper, ribbons, beads,....all sorts of stuff.  But, I do make things with them.  Really.  For the last 2 weeks I made cards.  Lots and lots of cards.  I participated in a market show all day Thursday and decided to make my primary product cards.  The show went well but I still have some cards left.  (I'm actually ok with having leftover cards because now I have cards for when I need them!)  I think it's a wonderful thing to reuse something on a card.  Below are 2 of my favorite ones from the show.

The top one was made with scraps from the "HOME" banner project.  I had leftover paper, ribbon, and the perfect stamp set for it.  It was so elegant looking.   The card was just too pretty to sell!  It ended up becoming a birthday card for one of my best friends.  She loved it.  Yeah!  The second card is leftovers from a mini album I made with Prima papers.  I added scraps of ribbon, lace, and burlap for dimension. A bit of distress ink and pearls and viola!  a pretty card.  I think I love the color combo and the difference between the lace and the burlap.

I hope this inspires you.  It amazes me that you can create something from scraps that would normally end up in the wastebin.  I did not cut a single piece of paper larger than 6 x 6 for this.  All the pieces were tiny bits as was the ribbons and lace.  Think out of the box ladies.

Have a great day and check back this week.  I took lots of pics at the market show so I have some great cards to post this week.

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